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Development Plan Review

Development Plan Review and Lock Box Program

Are you planning a new development? Here’s how we can help and what you need to know.

Planning a new development?

Planning a new development?

Requirements for Developer

Richmond Fire-Rescue reviews proposed development plans to ensure these developments meet necessary Building Code requirements.

Developers applying for Rezoning, Development, and Building Permits or Service Agreements must ensure BC Building Code requirements for fire and life safety are met at the time of submission of development plans to the City of Richmond.

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What are the requirements for site plans?

What are the requirements for site plans?

Requirements for Site Plans

Richmond Fire-Rescue requires the submission of a simplified Site Plan identifying the firefighting provisions of the BC Building Code, i.e. city roads, fire department access routes, hydrant locations, main building entry, fire department connection(s), tower crane height/swing radius, electrical shutoffs.

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What types of plans does Richmond Fire-Rescue review?

Construction Fire Safety Plans

We review Construction Fire Safety Plans (CFSP) to ensure construction sites are safe for the workers and provide required fire department access. 

Prior to the issuance of a building permit, Richmond Fire-Rescue requires submission of a Construction Fire Safety Plan for review and approval.


Do you know about the Rapid Entry System? (Lock Box Program)

Do you know about the lock box program?

Rapid Entry System

Developers and owners of new and existing buildings are encouraged to participate in Richmond Fire-Rescue’s Rapid Entry System Program.

In an emergency, lock boxes provide a rapid entry system that is critical to the response of the fire department.

Richmond Fire-Rescue Rapid Entry System Program requires the installation of SUPRA TRAC Lock Boxes.

Need more information?

Need more information?

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For information on how to initiate the development or building permit application processes, please review the resources and contact details provided by Planning, Building and Development.