Tomorrow’s Top Kids Day Camp

The Squad and the #RFRBigRig will attend this day camp to provide education and fun. Hopefully, we will see you there.

Richmond Pentecostal Church (Private)

The Squad is happy to attend this annual First Responder Day at the Richmond Pentecostal Church and cannot wait to show you our new firetruck.

Harrow House Walk-A-Thon

this event is a community gathering aimed at bringing families together to enjoy the outdoors, promote physical activity, and foster a sense of community spirit. That sounds like something The Squad loves to do. We will see you there.

Kids World (Private Group, Register to Attend)

We love The Kids World group, and you can too! Check out the website in the link provided and see if you want to be a part of this awesome organization.

Canada Post Safety Day

The sSquad is gonna get up real early in the morning to make sure we can provide some good clean fire and life safety information to the fine people at Canada Post.

Renaissance strata fireside chat

The Squad loves to meet with local Strata corporations and explain the rules and regulations regarding Fire safety. Book your Strata today.

Cambie Community Centre end of summer carnival

Join The Squad at the Cambie community centre at the end of the summer carnival, which includes outdoor games, crafts, entertainment, and more. Plus, this is your last chance to enter the super summer selfie contest before we make the draws after the Labour Day weekend.

Maritime Festival -August 24 and 25

The Richmond Maritime Festival is a family-friendly annual event celebrating Richmond's multicultural Maritime Heritage. Come visit The Squad and the #RFRBigRig for your last opportunity to enter the super summer selfie contest.