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We investigate fires for origin and cause. Find out why it’s important to investigate and report all fires, no matter how big or small they are.

What We Investigate

What We Investigate

We investigate fires that have occurred at a diverse range of locations, including: structural, vehicles, wildland/outdoor and marine fires.

Fire investigations allow Richmond Fire-Rescue to identify fire hazards in the community and to implement necessary safety measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

I saw a fire. What should I do?

If you see a fire, of any size, please call 9-1-1 immediately. 

To ensure the safety of the community, all fires should be reported so they can be investigated to help prevent similar fires from occurring.

Fire investigations also help to develop future Building and Fire Code regulations as well as identify products that are to be recalled.

What if it was a small fire that was put out?

If you witnessed a small fire that was extinguished without being reported to the fire department, you can contact Richmond Fire-Rescue to report the fire and our fire investigators will investigate to ensure the property is safe.

Freedom Of Information Request

What is a Freedom of Information request? (FOI)

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, any person (or organization) may request access to records under the custody and/or control of the City of Richmond. This includes Richmond Fire-Rescue records. The general right of access to records is restricted by certain specified and limited exceptions. For example, an applicant will not gain access to someone else’s personal information without their permission.

For more information on the FOI process, see the City of Richmond’s website.

How do I make a FOI Request?

All FOI requests must be made in writing and provide sufficient detail to assist staff in locating the records sought. If you are requesting a RFR incident report, please include as much detail as possible, including the date, location, and incident number (if known).

If you are requesting another individual’s personal information, attach either that person’s signed consent for disclosure or proof of authority to act on that person’s behalf.

You can fill out a standard form HERE or submit in your own format. There are three ways to submit your request:

  1. By Email
  2. By FAX 604-204-8642
  3. By Post or Hand Delivered:

City Clerk’s Office
2nd Floor, City Hall
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC  V6Y 2C1

Report Fire Incident

IMPORTANT: if you are currently experiencing an emergency and require an immediate response from Police, Fire or Ambulance, then please call 9-1-1 immediately.

To report a fire that was put out and is no longer a hazard, you can: 

  • Complete the form below.
  • Call Richmond Fire-Rescue at 604-278-5131 if you have the information requested in the form below. 

When reporting, please provide sufficient detail for Richmond Fire-Rescue to determine the property location of the fire.

NOTE: We highly encourage using the form below to submit your report, as it provides us with the information we need to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. 

Personal information is collected by Richmond Fire-Rescue to provide the requested service or information.  The City of Richmond is collecting this information under Section 26 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please contact the FOI coordinator at 604-276-4156 or if you have any concerns.

How Can I Best Protect My Home?

How Can I Best Protect My Home?

To prevent fires in your home, it is important to adopt good safety habits. 

We recommend that both property owners and tenants purchase insurance, so that they have support during any fire-related loss.

Youth Firesetter Program

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If it is determined that a youth was involved in setting a fire, Richmond Fire-Rescue has a Youth Firesetter Program to provide support and education on fire safety.

Firesetting is a serious life safety concern and Richmond Fire-Rescue is committed to working with the community to prevent harm.