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Often public facilities are being used for after-hour events. These events may require you to use your facilities differently than their initial design intended. We’re here to help!

Though not a comprehensive list, examples of such deviations may include using the building for sleeping accommodations or requesting restrictions to certain areas (thereby affecting exiting). In addition to affecting the safety of building occupants, changes to the facility may also impact the safety of first responders in the event of an emergency.

Article of the BC Fire Code 2018 states, “Activities that create a hazard and that are not allowed for in the original design shall not be carried out in a building unless provisions are made to control the hazard in conformance with this Code.”

In the context of these events, this Article prohibits public facilities from using their space for purposes other than what it was designed for unless prior approval is obtained from the authority having jurisdiction, in this case, Richmond Fire-Rescue (RFR). Further, the Article allows RFR the authority to approve a temporary use provided RFR is satisfied that appropriate measures have been taken.

Such appropriate measures may include procedures that demonstrate an adequate level of life safety has been provided for the occupants who may be in the facility at the time. To support the public in gaining approval for such events, RFR has prepared two documents.

(1) RFR After-Hour Event Application; and,

(2) RFR After-Hour Event Guideline.

Event Organizers must ensure that a completed application has been submitted for review a minimum of three weeks prior to the event date.

Applications can be forwarded to:

Before applying, Event Organizers must also confirm they have reviewed and will implement the RFR After-Hour Event Guideline content found within the form. 

Please note that the business is responsible for all authorized applicants completing the application in full and reviewing and following RFR’s special event guidelines.