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Public Education

Fire Life & Safety Information

Your family’s safety matters to us. Understand the risks of fire at home to keep your loved ones protected and informed.

Reduce fire risks for your family. Learn about common fire hazards in the home and how to prevent them.

Have fun responsibly. Be aware of the fire risks that come with firework events, Halloween and other festivities.

Understand why fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and escape plans are important to have at home.

Essential information for your family’s safety at home. Here are our firefighter’s general recommendations for your family.

Welcome to Richmond. Here’s what you need to know about Richmond Fire Rescue and how we can support you.

As part of shared building communities, being aware of the strata bylaws and rules helps keep everyone safe

We have an Online Education Program for Kindergartens we are excited to share with you! We also have booklets, games and videos for all ages.

Extinguish all your burning questions. From who to call in an emergency to smoke alarms, we’re here to support you and keep you informed.