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Spring Forward – Sunday, March 10, 02:00 a.m.

City of Richmond News, Fire-Rescue News, Press Releases | March 8, 2024

As the season transitions to spring, the familiar reminder resounds: “Spring forward, change your clock, change your battery.” This simple phrase serves as a vital reminder to adjust our clocks forward to align with daylight saving time and to take a moment to ensure the batteries in our smoke detectors and other essential devices are fresh. It’s a small yet significant ritual, symbolizing not just the shift in time but also a commitment to safety and preparedness as we embrace the longer days and the promise of renewal that spring brings.

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Call Stats Jan. 1, 2024 through March, 1, 2024

Press Releases | March 1, 2024

Statistics plays a pivotal role in various fields and disciplines, serving as a powerful tool for understanding and interpreting data. Its importance lies in its ability to provide valuable insights, make informed decisions, and draw reliable conclusions from complex information. Enjoy Responsibly.

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