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Winter Driving Safety

City of Richmond News, Fire-Rescue News, Recent Fire and Life Safety Information | December 17, 2021

Winter driving can be difficult and scary. So make sure you take all of the extra precautions not only when you’re driving but before you drive as well to help keep yourself and everyone around you safe as well.
*Make sure you warm up your vehicle before you start driving; this will ensure your window does not fog up as soon as you start moving.
*Clear all of your windows of all ice and snow before you drive so that you have the best visibility while driving
*Drive to the conditions of the road and the weather. If this means slowing down below the speed limit, that is ok.
*During the winter, is it recommended to have winter tires on. This helps prevent skidding on the ice and allows the vehicle to better maneuver through the snow because of more traction.
*Keep some extra blankets and food in the car if you get stuck and wait for a tow truck for a while; this can come in handy.

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