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Brennan MacLachlan

Brennan MacLachlan

Emergency Programs Manager

Brennan joined the Richmond-Fire Rescue Emergency Programs team as the Emergency Program Manager in 2021.

Born in Canada, he spent most of his formative years overseas. Brennan’s unique experiences living abroad and traveling in parts of the developing world fostered an interest in international diplomacy and conflict resolution. With a passion for service and problem solving; following his return to Canada he pursued a 13 year career as an Infantry Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. During his time with the Canadian Armed Forces, Brennan was instrumental in facilitating the planning and deployment of assets in response to various public emergencies and an overseas deployment coordinating kinetic military operations and joint civilian/military stabilization initiatives.

He brings a solutions-focused approach and seeks out opportunities to learn and grow. He prides himself on his ability to find new ways to solve problems, while exercising his passion for turning visions into reality. Brennan believes in action focused on collaborative planning and coordination and this underpins his leadership style and work ethic.

Away from work, Brennan and his wife enjoy spending time with their four children and his multitude of hobbies, from perfecting the ultimate pizza dough to exploring the great outdoors.