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Marissa Joel

Marissa Joel

Program Manager, Administration

Marissa Joel is the Program Manager, Administration for Richmond Fire-Rescue.

In this role, she manages attendance, return-to-work planning, and workplace accommodations; leads the recruitment process; and oversees community outreach and public education.  

Marissa stumbled into working with the fire department. She studied kinesiology at Simon Fraser University before working in clinical practice as a kinesiologist. During this time, she developed an interest in return to work planning and disability management, and completed a diploma in Rehabilitation and Disability Management. She then worked briefly in insurance before joining the human resources team with City of Vancouver as a Case Manager. This is where she first worked with the fire services, being assigned to the Vancouver Fire Rescue Services portfolio.

She joined Richmond Fire-Rescue in 2021. 

Marissa is passionate about helping people improve their physical and mental well-being, and believes that work is an important part of our lives and identities.  

Marissa enjoys a good Netflix binge, but can also be found in the gym, hiking, or drinking too much coffee.