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SQUAD Band-Aid Contest Prize Video – Lazer Tag

6 June 2023

SQUAD Band-Aid Contest Prize Video – Lazer Tag

SQUAD Band-Aid Contest Prize Video – Lazer Tag

6 June 2023

Contest Rules 

Enter the contest by sending us a photo of someone in your family utilizing a Squad Band-Aid, then send the picture to us with your cell phone, laptop or desktop computer. 

Once received, we will enter your name into a draw to win one of our fabulous prizes. 

Prizes include: 

4 Passes to VR Sandbox virtual reality – Value $260

Eight races at TBC Indoor Cart Racing – Value $248

Gift Certificate at Savage Creek Golf Club – Value $150

8 Games at Planet Lazer Tag – Value $126

Prizes Draw Dates:

Thursday, July 8th

Thursday, July 22nd

Thursday, August 12th 

Thursday, August 26th  


  • Only ONE of the prize packages is available per draw date. 
  • The winner will choose their favourite prize, leaving the remaining prizes for the next draw. 
  • Once a prize has been selected, it can no longer be won. 
  • Prizes cannot be exchanged once they have been accepted. 


“The prizes are provided by third parties independent of Richmond Fire and Rescue and the City of Richmond. Contest winners’ use of the prizes will be at their own risk. Richmond Fire and Rescue, the City of Richmond, or any of their respective officers, directors or employees will not be liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the prizes.”