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Sandra Jansen

Sandra Jansen

Chief Fire Prevention Officer

With a strong background in police-based victim services, and providing and teaching first aid, Sandra joined the fire service in 1991 working with the Vancouver International Airport as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter (ARFF) specialist. Given that aviation had been part of her family history, this was an exciting opportunity. 

In 1995, she shifted to a structural firefighter with Richmond Fire-Rescue. In 2004, Sandra obtained her Bachelors of General Studies, with a specialization in Justice and Public Safety Leadership from Simon Fraser University. By 2006, Sandra transitioned to the Fire Prevention Branch and before long, she was promoted to Captain of Fire Protective Services in 2008. The transition to fire prevention offered many new opportunities, including performing fire investigations, which was an exciting new level of depth in the technical aspect of the fire service. 

In 2011, Sandra was promoted to Chief Fire Prevention Officer, placing her in a leadership role of a diverse portfolio that includes the supervision of the Fire Prevention branch and significant fire investigations. She proactively builds Richmond Fire-Rescue relationships internally and externally. Sandra also ensures the Fire Prevention branch continuously maintains a current and advanced level of prevention-based proficiency to ensure Richmond grows as a safe community.  

Organizational growth is an even more interesting challenge. She is proud to be part of a department that has been introspective and committed to growth, and looks forward to a future that builds on this truly well-earned distinctive character. She’s always asking, “what’s next?”

Sandra enjoys being able to contribute to a safe community in an incredibly diverse way, with the added benefit of a truly great team. Every day is different, and coming to important fire and life safety solutions requires all the unique knowledge, expertise, and engagement of her team, many of which are now lifelong friends.

Outside of work, Sandra can be found enjoying the fishing village in Richmond, or on an outdoor adventure with her scenthound dogs, who often teach her more about compromise than training.